Developer: Io Interactive
Release Date: November 20th 2012
Platforms: Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC
Engine: Glacier 2

Hitman: Absolution

My work on Hitman: Absolution consisted of designing levels that support a wide range of play styles, be it a stealthy or combat oriented approach. This usually started with me creating a simple mockup in 3dsmax, while collaborating with environment artists on defining landmarks and visually communicating the player's options as best possible and creating interesting areas for NPCs to inhabit.

Since Absolution has a great emphasis on creating a voyeuristic experience for the player, I also spent a lot of time working with writers, animators and sound designers to design and set up NPC sequences and dialogue, with the level designers often having to order and put together these sequences with direction from the game directors. Visual scripting was probably my single largest task on Absolution, be it simply triggering NPC patrols, or creating elaborate logic systems. 

Additionally my work consisted of general maintenance, such as making sure that collision, covers, agility entities, pathfinder and NPCs functioned properly, as well as problem solving with coders to design solutions for level specific issues. I also followed live play-tests, gathering input and improving levels based on my own and user research's findings. 

One of the levels that I had the responsibility for, Rosewood Orphanage, was demoed to the press in early 2012 and had a very positive reception, receiving 15 magazine covers based on the demo. 


Rosewood orphanage


Hunter and hunted