Personal Work
PC (Half-Life 1 and 2)
This is a collection of some of my non-commercial work. I started taking my first Level Designer baby steps in early 2000 by designing custom levels for the original Half-Life, and created a wide range of custom maps for mods such as Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, Natural Selection and The Specialists between 2000 and 2003. Listed here are some of the last levels I created for Half-Life, along with some more recent ones for Team Fortress 2 and Half-Life 2

It should be noted that I made everything on most of these levels apart from most of the textures (and the props on Nerve and Arbogast).

Set in a rocket launch facility, this King of the Hill style TF2 map has players fighting to control the point under an actual rocket. A very intense map, with a clear design goal of having players being in constant movement. The level was finished in February of 2012. Download

A level from 2008 that I created for Half-Life 2 using assets from the game. Started as just a curious test of the Source engine and ended up as full fledged deathmatch level. Like my levels in the first Half-Life's era, it's an incredibly open and interconnected level. Download

One of the levels I created for The Specialists, a mod heavily inspired by action movies and games such as Max Payne. Supertimor was added as an official map in the mod. It takes place in an industrial area, with access to whole buildings and also access between roofs.

Kissmeyer Basic
Another official The Specialists level. This one takes place in an office complex and sports a very wide layout with the center of the map being the two story reception. One of the main design choices was having lots of glass that you could shoot or dive through.

Mazion Space Station
My only map for Natural Selection, a sci-fi themed Half-Life mod. The largest map I'd done at the time and the one that took the longest time to make, around a year. It's also my level from this time that was playtested the most.

Crystal Sunrise
This level was originally released for Counter-Strike, but was later converted for The Specialists with some modifications. Again, this is an incredibly open, interconnected and vertical map.