Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days
Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC
On Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days I worked primarily on Fragile Alliance, the multiplayer part of the game in which you group up with other players to commit heists in various parts of Shanghai. I worked as a Level Designer on 5 levels but was also heavily involved in the game design aspects of it, with lots of mechanics tweaks and balancing throughout development of the game.

With the exception of one level (Harbor), I started all the mentioned levels from scratch, mocked them up in 3D Studio Max, set up routines and scripted them, balanced and tweaked them with feedback from playtests and acted as a producer for the levels under my responsibility, making sure that I got the things required to make the levels work. I also went to E3 2010 to help present the game to press and attendees in our booth.

Fish Market
After finishing our work on the DLC for the first Kane & Lynch, I started work on this as my first Kane & Lynch 2 level. Set in a fish market, the criminals you play have to take down a gang of smugglers and steal diamonds hidden in ice boxes.

Financial District
My favorite of the levels that I created for Kane & Lynch 2, this one is set in the back alleys of Financial District. Starting with ambushing a rival gang doing another heist, you fight your way through security in the alleys and police on the roads to your escape vehicle.

Radio Tower
One of the DLC levels. The plan of this level was to reuse assets from the campaign to keep costs down, with the end of the level being made uniquely for this level. Learning a lot from my work on the retail levels, I applied that experience while designing this layout.

Dry Dock
A level that shifted hands a couple of times and when it ended in mine I redesigned the most of it. A very branching and vertical layout, going through an under construction ship, over scaffolds, ending up in an assembly area for ship hull pieces.

Took over this level from another level designer quite late, and though the majority of the layout remained unchanged, then I did a lot of minor tweaks for balancing based on playtests.