Kane & Lynch: Dead Men
Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC
On Kane & Lynch: Dead Men I worked on 3 levels of the single player campaign (The tutorial and the two Havana levels) and on one of the multiplayer DLC levels (Flying High). Early in the development I worked as an Environment Artist, but later as the team restructured I worked primarily on Level Design. In my work on the single player, I mocked up the levels in 3D Studio Max based on the game's script and concept art, set up encounters and scripted everything in the levels and overall had the responsibility of getting it working as whole.

For the DLC level I started with geometry from the single player campaign which was altered to suit a proper Fragile Alliance layout, and from there carried out daily playlists to balance it out.

Freedom Fighters
I was tasked with putting together the Havana chapter of the game, and created a design based on the script. It initially started as a single level was eventually split into two. In this one you fight your way through squares to the Capital building, teaming up with a group of rebels along the way.

El Capitol
A technically challenging level. Starting with an intense chopper battle on a rooftop in which everything is obliterated. Afterwards the Capitol square turns into a war zone with a hundred soldiers charging at it, a tank attacking the building, ending in a boss battle inside.

The tutorial and second level of the game. The first level I was assigned, I created a layout with the help of concept art, keeping in mind the skills necessary to teach the player. Going through many iteration and ended up in the hands of another level designer as I worked on the Havana levels

Flying High
After Kane & Lynch I started working on a DLC level for Fragile Alliance, the multiplayer portion of the game. The level used assets from the campaign, so a large part of the task was reusing as much as possible while creating a compelling layout.