Hitman: Absolution
Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC
My work on Hitman: Absolution consisted of designing levels that support a wide range of play styles, be it a stealthy or combat oriented approach. This usually started with me creating a simple mockup in 3dsmax, while collaborating with environment artists on defining landmarks and visually communicating the player's options as best possible and creating interesting areas for NPCs to inhabit.

Since Absolution has a great emphasis on creating a voyeuristic experience for the player, I also spent a lot of time working with writers, animators and sound designers to design and set up NPC sequences and dialogue, with the level designers often having to order and put together these sequences with direction from the game directors. Visual scripting was probably my single largest task on Absolution, be it simply triggering NPCs, or creating elaborate logic systems.

Additionally my work consisted of general maintenance, such as making sure that collision, covers, agility entities, pathfinder and NPCs functioned properly, as well as problem solving with coders to design solutions for level specific issues. I also followed live play-tests, gathering input and improving levels based on my own and user research's findings.

One of the levels that I had the responsibility for, Rosewood Orphanage, was demoed to the press in early 2012 and had a very positive reception, receiving 15 magazine covers based on the demo.

Videos: Environments | Gameplay

Orphanage Halls
A fairly large and open level. The objective is to gather 4 fuses to fix a broken elevator, with the fuses scattered on several floors. Nasty goons are patroling the halls, trying to find a girl you're there to rescue. A central design of the level is to have circles so that the player can always flank around foes.

Central Heating
The last part of the Orphanage level, which takes you into the basement, trying to track down the captured girl. A short level with a main path and a hidden upper route. A boss fight at the end of the level went through several iterations, though I never really worked on any of them beyond bug fixing.

A clubhouse at the back of a barbershop. The player has to eliminate 2 characters and capture 1. There's several entry points into the house, and a bunch of ways to take out your targets, for example switching hot sauce with lighter fuel to create a fiery BBQ accident.

Cemetery Entrance
Originally designed with a much stronger combat focus, it was changed to give the player possibly the best sniping opportunity found in Absolution, though it's entirely possible to play it any way you want.

Burnwood Family Tomb
A tight level with lots of ways to play stealthily. The player has to take out a target that's excavating a grave, which can be done in plenty of ways, such as dropping a suspended tomb lid on her of collapsing a tunnel over her.

Last checkpoint of the game. The player has to get to the crematorium located at the top of a hill, to kill his final target, but first needs to deal with 3 elite bodyguards protecting him. The player can access the plateau from almost anywhere, with lots of small walls to hide behind.

Parking Lot
A level that changed hands a couple of times. When I took it over first, I designed the parking lot and mini golf course, but then it was handed over to Lead Game Designer Lee Varley who changed a lot and added targets you had to take out.

Another level that changed hands a couple of times, I ended up doing a lot of maintenance on it and sharpening up the patrols. The player has to take out 2 targets to proceed. It's actually possible to take out both at once by sabotaging and blowing up the gas station.

Convenience Store
At this point in the story the player is being hunted by the police. In this level you start on a rooftop and have to navigate down and through a convenience store to get away. There's lots of fireworks that you can light indoors to create smoke to hide in.

A level that I was brought in on to rework in 2 weeks. A tight schedule, but it actually turned out quite well. I added 2 rooftops on both sides of the start area that the player can access, as well as rearranging everything and got new dialogue.